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Two Big Tips for Living with Roommates

  For most, having a roommate at some time in your life is a fact of life. Over 25% of millennials report to currently living with one of more roommates. How can having roommates be a successful situation for all involved? It’s simple; you must have respect for each other’s space and plan up front....

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Moving with your Four Legged Family Members

  After taking just a quick walk around Portland, it should come as no surprise that our city has frequently been ranked the most dog friendly in the country. Estately recently gave Portland this honor, praising our number of dog parks and welcoming attitude. We have the most dog parks per capita in the nation, […]...

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5 Ways to Make Packing and Moving Easier

5 Ways to Make Packing and Moving Easier Packing and moving can get expensive but there are many ways to do it yourself and save time and money, although you might not save a lot of energy. Bridgetown Moving and Storage does excellent job and moving your items but are some great tips to make […]...

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Am I Supposed to Tip My Movers?

So you hired a local moving company. They somehow moved that oversized couch up the smallest staircase you’ve ever seen defying all laws of gravity and physics while telling you ‘this couch is going to look great up in this loft’ all with a smile on their face. All your boxes and appliances were handled […]...

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Get Ready, Get Packed!

We know that not everyone has had the opportunity to take advantage of moving companies and that even fewer people have had their homes packed for them. Here are some tips on how you can get ready if you’re planning on hiring our movers to come and pack up your home. Categorize, Organize, and Optimize […]...

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Moving Company Portland

Moving Company Portland Has packing and moving become a hassle and tiring task for you? Well, is a reliable Moving Company in Portland and is here to help you in situations like this. We have a group of highly professional movers to make your move as smooth as butter. We have the expertise in […]...

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