Am I Supposed to Tip My Movers?

tipping etiquette for movers

Should you tip your mover?

So you hired a local moving company. They somehow moved that oversized couch up the smallest staircase you’ve ever seen defying all laws of gravity and physics while telling you ‘this couch is going to look great up in this loft’ all with a smile on their face. All your boxes and appliances were handled with not judgment, but care and respect. You are finally moved into your new home and all that is left to do now sit back and take a deep breath… after you pay the movers. But wait, are you supposed to tip movers?

That’s a very common question, and the answer is simple! You can if you like but you don’t have to. Movers are a part of the service industry, but unlike restaurants and cafes they don’t always expect to be tipped. If you don’t want to hand out cash, you can always offer them cold or hot (depending on the time of day and year) beverages as a show of appreciation for their hard work. A lot of times movers won’t stop to take lunch breaks during a job so you can always ask them if they want food or offer them snacks. Offering pizza or sandwiches on a big job can go a long way and help to energize the movers through the home stretch.

Considering giving your movers a cash tip? Tipping each mover out individually is one way that you can go that extra step to show them you appreciate their job well done. And if you don’t have enough $10s or $20s to go around you can give the money to the foreman but tell him it’s for everyone and then thank each mover individually.

Whether you decide to feed them, give them a cash tip, or even just genuinely thank them, any kind of acknowledgement that they helped make your move easier is always appreciated.