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Portland’s Top Summer Street Fairs & Events

Summer Love Summer is a busy time in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve been waiting for nice weather to arrive and once it gets here we do our best to pack the sun-filled days with fun. In just about every corner of the Portland-metro region there are activities planned from early spring to late summer. Portland […]

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Money Saving Moving Tips

Bridgetown Movers, Moving Hacks

Money Saving Moving Tips Our Bridgetown moving crew is proud to offer 5 star moving services at competitive prices. We know that between application costs, closing fees, and the various other moving expenses, your moving costs can quickly add up. Our movers work quickly while keeping safety in mind to help keep your moving bill down. […]

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Things to Do in Portland – Winter

Whether you are new to the area, a native, or anything in between, one of the best parts about being in Portland are all the interesting, fun, and beautiful things to do. Since the weather and activities are ever-changing (and you inevitably have tourist friends who force you to visit the sites you never seem […]

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5 Moving Tips When Working With Movers

When you are working with professional movers such as here at Bridgetown Moving & Storage, every minute counts to get your house moved in time and the budget you set. Here are some tips to make sure your professional moving experience goes smoothly. 1) Be Packed and Ready The best way to accomplish this is […]

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Keeping It Together During a Move

It’s that time again.. an event most of us feel anxiety about and maybe even dread: moving house. Whether it’s for reasons beyond your control or chosen by you, the experience of moving is considered one of the top most stressful. Moving is a big break in our normal routine, which can be hard to […]

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Recent Customer Reviews

As we begin a new year, one thing we like to look back on are the experiences we’ve had with our customers. At Bridgetown, we’re not satisfied unless you are, and we’re most happy when our customers have great things to say about us! Here are a few recent customer experiences in 2017: “These guys […]

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Pros and Cons of Your Long Distance Moving Options

Professional Movers in Portland by Bridgetown Moving

Long distance moves can be one of the most challenging things you might ever undertake. There are many choices to make in deciding the best way to move your household state to state, including full service moving with long distance moving companies, and various do-it-yourself moving options. Here is your pro and con list regarding […]

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Tips for Decluttering Before a Move

If you have a move on the horizon, you know there is a lot to do in order to make your move happen, especially if you have lived in your current space for a while. You may find you have accumulated more stuff than you realized, which is perfectly normal, even if it makes moving […]

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Five Moving Tips

It can be a trying time when preparing to move. There are many steps to moving, but here are five tips to make your move less onerous. 1) Organize  As soon as you know you are going to move, start organizing as early as possible. Even the most methodical people will often find items they […]

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What to Do with Your Moving Supplies After a Move

Ways to prepare before the movers arrive

Sustainable Moving Practices We love serving the Portland Metro area and working with all of the passionate community members our city is lucky to have. Being such an eco-friendly city, we hear many customers voice concerns about the environmental impact and cost of their moving supplies. People often comment that they feel rather wasteful to use […]

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