5 Ways to Make Packing and Moving Easier

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5 Ways to Make Packing and Moving Easier

Packing and moving can get expensive but there are many ways to do it yourself and save time and money, although you might not save a lot of energy. Bridgetown Moving and Storage does excellent job and moving your items but are some great tips to make packing easier.

1. Find free boxes.

There’s always someone that has just moved and needs to get rid of their boxes. Browse through websites such as back page, craigslist or the newspaper and find someone that’s willing to give away all the boxes that they just finished unpacking. You can also get free boxes from grocery stores, liquor stores, and consignment or thrift stores such as Goodwill and Value Village. So many people dump off boxes of items that there’s often hundreds of boxes in the back of these thrift stores just waiting to be recycled.

2. Make three piles of take, trash, and donate.

When it comes time to start packing those boxes you don’t have to pack everything. This is a great time to rid yourself of any clutter or junk that’s been accumulating in your home, apartment or condo for years. Make three piles in a large space in your house or in your garage for donating, recycling, throwing away or taking with you. Once you find something you’re going to take, pack it in a box with related items or items that belong in the same room.

3. Consider the weight and the size of each box.

Finding really big boxes is always a treasure when you’re packing items but you don’t want to pack those boxes full of heavy items. These larger boxes work great for bedspreads, pillows, linens, and maybe in the center of these boxes put something fragile so there’s plenty of cushioning around it. You also want to use plenty of tape when it comes to securing the bottom of heavier boxes.

4. Recycle all of your items and make them work double duty.

When it comes to packing fragile dishes, glassware or collectibles use linens and towels you already own as packing material around these items. This saves money on expensive bubble wrap and packing peanuts and allows you to pack two things at once.

5. Pack first things last and don’t waste space.

Pack the first things you’ll need last so that your kitchen items, coffee makers, clothes and bedding are all one of the first things off of the truck. However, be mindful of space and since boxes go towards the front of the truck with more awkward shaped items toward the back, you may have to get creative as to where to place those first items off. Feel free to ask our packing and storage professionals about the best way to get to items you’ll need sooner rather than later.

For more information on packing tips or to get a free quote on what you’re moving, storage or packing requirements will cost please give us a call.