Get Ready, Get Packed!

We know that not everyone has had the opportunity to take advantage of moving companies and that even fewer people have had their homes packed for them. Here are some tips on how you can get ready if you’re planning on hiring our movers to come and pack up your home.

Categorize, Organize, and Optimize

Try categorizing all of your current belongings as Keep, Donate, and Discard. You can start this by going through your home and collecting everything that you plan on donating to a local charity and setting the items aside to a designated room or corner in the house. Once you have done the charity sweep, go through your home again and take out everything that you want to discard. You want to make sure that the movers you have hired aren’t going to be packing items that you don’t intend on keeping. If you have time (which you may not) take the discard pile to the recycling or the nearest dump and the donation pile to the charity of your choice. What’s left in your house will be what is going to be packed and moved into your new home. If you don’t have time to run to the dump or donation center, make sure those items are separated from the items you intend on keeping.

If you don’t have time to do any of the above, you can also organize your home by buying 3 different colored tapes (ie. Blue, red, and orange). Mark everything you want the movers to pack with a piece of blue tape, everything you plan on donating with a piece of orange tape, and what is not to be packed or moved with red tape. *we recommend using painters tape


Attention to Details

Certain items and appliances in your home need some extra attention paid to them before the packing team can take over. Washers and dryers need to be wiped down and unplugged. If you are moving a refrigerator, make sure it is completely empty, unplugged, and cleaned. All electronics that are being packed up and moved should be unplugged ahead of time. It is also best if you take down all pictures, clocks, and wall décor prior to the packers arriving. While the movers are packing everything up you can use this opportunity to fill any holes left in the walls!


Easy Does It

We understand that time is money, so before the movers arrive make sure that your house is easily accessible! Is your driveway completely clear? Make sure to move your cars, bikes, trailers, toys, etc. Are there plants on your front porch or any other objects around the front door that can be moved aside? If you have a screen door, make sure there is a way to keep it open the whole time or maybe even remove it temporarily. The packers are an efficient and hard working team; making obstacle courses for them throughout your house might be entertaining but will ultimately hinder their ability to get the job done in a timely and safe manner.

Things to Keep in Mind (or the back of your car)

We don’t always have time to unpack everything after we move. Family, jobs, and social obligations sometimes cause the unpacking process to take a few days. Here is a list of things you might not want to have the packers pack up…

–          Change of clothes

–          Toiletries (toothbrush, shampoos, etc)

–          Bathroom items (shower curtain, toilet paper, towels ect.)

–          Bedding (you will definitely want to get a good night’s rest after a big move, makes sure you are equipped to do so!)

–          Some kitchen gear (some silverware, couple plates and bowls, paper towels etc.)

–          Important paperwork

–          If you have pets, set aside some food and bring their food and water dishes as well as some toys

–          Cleaning supplies

You can put these items into a box(es) and clearly label it ‘OPEN FIRST’. This box should be put into your car or set aside with instructions to load it last so that it can be unloaded into your new home first.

Any questions or concerns that you have regarding having your home packed professionally should be addressed as soon as the packing team arrives. Don’t hesitate to ask or express any concerns.