Two Big Tips for Living with Roommates

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For most, having a roommate at some time in your life is a fact of life. Over 25% of millennials report to currently living with one of more roommates.

How can having roommates be a successful situation for all involved? It’s simple; you must have respect for each other’s space and plan up front.

Here are some tips for planning to live with roommates while respecting their space:

Chore Charts Rule

Chore charts may seem adolescent and even annoying, but a basic chart can truly bring peace to the home.  The chart should divide responsibilities up equally and ensure that all parties take turns doing different chores. It is essential that the chart makes it clear who was responsible for what tasks were and were not completed. Create a chart and stick to it. It’s right and fair. Chores on the chart may include:

  • Garbage/Recycling
  • Vacuuming
  • Bathrooms
  • Sweeping/Mopping
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Dishes


Ground Rules Rule Too

Plan a time to sit down together and talk about each other’s expectations and concerns. Then, decide on rules to meet these expectations. This will help you respect each other’s boundaries. Some suggestions to consider include:

  • When is quiet time on nights and weekends?
  • What are guest room expectations? Maybe create a calendar for booking the guest room.
  • What is the protocol for using and sharing common areas such as living room, bathroom and kitchen?
  • Are groceries shared or individual?
  • Is there a house pet? Who’s responsible for it?

Most importantly, create a streamlined process for rent and bill payment. Post this in a common space, such as the fridge, so there is no confusion in regards to payment.


Follow these two simple rules when you move in with friends and you’ll live in blissful harmony.