Helpful Packing Tips

As professional movers we see a lot of items packed incorrectly. Whether moving to a new home or office it’s important to protect your belongings for the transportation of your items by properly packing them. When items are packed correctly it can even make the move more efficient! If you do choose to pack yourself, we asked Eddie, one of our most experienced movers, for some helpful tips.

While packing your items, there are a few things you can do to make the process smoother for our team of movers. These steps will also ensure the safety of your items. Make sure that all boxes are marked “Fragile” that should be. It also helps to mark which room you would like each box to be brought into at the new home. All boxes need to be fully packed. Half empty boxes cannot be stacked and will bend and break apart in the truck.

Our movers are always happy to assist you with basic dissembling of bed frames, desk, exercise machines, bookshelves, and similar furniture items. However, if time is a major concern for you, it would be best to have everything disassembled and ready to load into the truck before the movers arrive.

The team at Bridgetown works hard to provide you with a stress free moving experience. We want you to begin your life in your new home or office the right way. By just following these easy steps, the safety and security of your most treasured items will be increased during your move. A little extra time spent packing can save irreplaceable and sentimental fragile items from cracking or breaking.

Watch our short video tutorials on how to pack some of the most common items we see that are packed incorrectly:

How to Use the Wardrobe Boxes

How to Pack Dishes

How to Pack a TV

How to Pack a Computer

How to Pack Picture Frames & Flat Glass

Packing Lamps & Other Miscellaneous Items 

Our full-service company can help with anything from providing the supplies for your move, doing the actual packing, or just the heavy lifting and transporting of your items. Just contact us to see how we can help!