Tips for Packing Lamps and Awkward Appliances

Our team of trained movers work with the safety of your items in mind while simultaneously providing you with the fastest and most efficient moving experience around. If doing your own packing you can significantly lower the risk of damaging items by following the moving tips in this blog and watching the short instructional videos in the links provided at the end of this article. Below are some packing tips for lamps and other awkward miscellaneous household items.

Tips for Packing Lamps

You might be surprised to discover lamps are one item many people don’t know how to pack correctly. Following these steps can help avoid a punctured shade or damaged base.
The first thing you should do with your lamps is remove all light bulbs prior to packing or placing them in the truck. Even a slight bump in the road or a small curb can easily cause a bulb to shatter. This can cause rips, tears, and other damage to any items that were placed in that box. Not to mention the hassle and safety hazard of unpacking a box full of broken glass.

Secondly, always remove the lampshade from the base and pack them separately. The base pieces are much heavier than the shades and will likely bend or break the fragile fabric of the shade. Lampshades should be in their own box surrounded by plenty of bubble wrap or protective packing paper. The only other items that should be place in a box with the lamp are lightweight clothing, which can be placed around or underneath for extra padding.

Moving Appliances

Appliances can be tricky to move since they are so large and unwieldy. To ensure your move happens as efficiently as possible, disconnect and unplug all appliances before your move crew arrives. Our movers love to help but are prohibited from disconnecting your washer, dryer, fridge, or other appliance themselves. Make sure everything is empty and ready to go.

Moving Requirements for Lawnmowers and Grills

Lawnmowers, barbecues, and grills need to have the motor oil or fuel removed before they can be placed in the truck. Federal law prohibits us from transporting any liquids, so this step in packing is crucial. Also, since batteries have a habit of leaking when jostled, it is a good idea to also remove them from all electronics before packing them.

Tips for Moving File Cabinets

Our movers have the tools and the strength to move your largest filing cabinets. However, they  should be emptied prior to the day of the move. The weight of the files may cause the thin metal of the cabinet to bend and warp when the movers place them on a dolly. If the drawers can be locked or secured, make sure to do so to keep them from opening during transport.

How to Prepare Antique Furniture for a Move

Speciality items or antiques need extra care. Items like Grandfather clocks, which contain loose internal parts, can easily get damaged. Remove and carefully wrap the pendulums, weights, and other removable parts separate from the clock. Valuable and irreplaceable items, such as passports, medications, jewelry, and important documents should be handled and moved yourself.  
We hope this answers your questions and alleviates some of the packing stress. Please contact us with any other questions or concerns. We are here to help!