When Do You Need to Hire Movers?


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Here at Bridgetown, we pride ourselves on turning your move into an easy and stress-free event. Many people who use our services have never previously hired a professional moving company, so when they decide to use us again a year or two down the road for their next move, we are happy knowing that we did something right.

If you are able to fit all your belongings in the little four door sedan parked in your driveway then you probably do not need the assistance of professionals. However, if you’re unsure of how to safely move your large appliances or just seek an efficient and stress-free move, we detailed some of the benefits of choosing to hire professional movers.

Experienced Movers

Your belongings are also your investments. Our movers are professionals and they have experience that a friend or family member is not likely to have. Your appliances and furniture should be handled by a team who has done this before to help ensure the belongings and the property you’re moving into and out of are not damaged in your moving process.


Once you are on our schedule, you know that we will take care of you. Even the most reliable people in your life may have something suddenly come up and no longer be able to offer their assistance. Hiring Bridgetown Moving’s team of movers ensures you’re covered and will be moved in/out when you need to be. We honor our appointments so you have peace of mind your move will happen as it should.

Comprehensive Care

With the stress of moving, it is easy to forget or overlook something when doing your move yourself. This can cause you to underestimate how much it will cost or how long it will take. With a full service moving company like Bridgetown, you don’t have to worry about truck rentals, gas prices, or buying moving supplies such as dollies, runners, moving blankets, straps, or ramps.


One of the hidden costs of choosing to move by yourself isn’t monetary- it’s both the physical and mental stress you put on yourself. Moving can be a major hassle and take much more time than expected. Additionally, any injury acquired while moving your favorite couch might put you out of work for days. Lucky for you, our team of movers can do all of the heavy lifting and keep you of harm’s way.

Hybrid Moving Option

Moving lightweight boxed items yourself when you have time in the days leading up to your move and hiring movers only to transport the heavy items, such as furniture, workout equipment, and appliances is a great third option. You won’t be sweating due to the bill or from moving that solid wood dresser up a flight of stairs.

If using a moving company sounds like the right fit for you, the team at Bridgetown would love to help you out. Feel free to give the office a call today at (503)664-4477 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.