Local Portland Moving Guide

Pearl or Belmont-know the neighborhoods

Portland loves the flowing change from north to south and ease to west, so know what you want. Moving to Portland or within Portland can have you in cool spots, rough spots,  posh spots and hot spots; know which are fits your groove the best. Can I bike there? Which tram line or bus do I use, and do I like the vibe? All are important questions. Read your best ofs in the Willamette Week or explore the area to see if the normal vibe of the area suits your style. Tattoo parlors to shoe stores and skate parks to music venues find what’s important to you, luckily you’re never far from beer or coffee.  Atmosphere, safety and cost change wildly from the West Hills to the Hawthorne district, know before you go!

Living in Luxury-Heat!

Once you’ve moved in you need to get set up. It’s going to be a long winter without heat and water, so call up PGE and NW Natural or your local gas and water companies to get warm and cozy. Don’t forget the other necessities like a phone line, cable, internet and recycling.  Bringing your items into a new place is one thing, but don’t forget to get your utilities in order to make your new place a home.

Mark your territory

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from Salem or just down the street, you need to change your address! Bustle over to your nearest post office or go online to change your address or have your Mercury and Oregonian subscriptions forwarded to your new base of operations. Let your friends and family know where you are, and make your new place your own.

Moving Companies

You can’t haul it all on your bike, and friends are great, we all love friends, but sometimes they don’t cut the mustard when you’re moving your whole house or office. Grandma’s chandelier or your work desk should be handled by professionals. Give the movers a run through and see what local moving company is best for you. Think about what you need. Do you just need a truck to haul you over the river or do you need your items securely packed like brittle elderly Englishman? Compare services and prices and give your chosen moving company at least a week’s notice.