Moving Insurance Questions for Portland

What Happens If Something Breaks?
Bridgetown Moving & Storage makes a commitment to accomplishing damage-free moves. But as we all know, accidents happen and if an item gets damaged it’s important to understand the types of coverage available to you.

Understanding Your Insurance Options
For your local move, Bridgetown Moving & Storage offers 2 options for your insurance coverage. You will have the opportunity to select your desired coverage when your crew arrives. The rates and coverage for both are determined by the Oregon Department of Transportation, so we apologize if neither fits you exact insurance needs. A third option is also included for your convenience.

1. Released Value Protection
The standard insurance option released value protection provides for compensation of $.60 per pound per article. For example, if a 100 lb. dresser is damaged, you will receive the lesser of either $60 or the cost to repair the damage.

Released value protection comes free with any Bridgetown Moving move.

2. Replacement Cost Protection
The full insurance option replacement cost protection provides for the most comprehensive compensation available, or in other words “you break it, you fix it.” It values your goods at $6.00 per lb. Using the same example of a 100 lb. dresser, you would receive the lesser of either $600 or the replacement/repair cost.

The cost of Replacement Cost Protection is $.85 for every $100 of declared value.

You are able to declare a higher value if you wish. Simply make a list of the items we are moving and their values and submit it via email to at least 72 hours prior to your move date.

Released Value ProtectionFREE$.60 per lb.
Replacement Cost Protection$.85 per every $100 of declared value*$6.00 per lb.

*Any declared value must be equal to or greater than $6.00/lb.

3. Homeowner’s Insurance
Unbeknownst to many, your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will often cover your goods during your move. Whether or not your insurance provides such coverage must be verified prior to your move and your insurance company duly notified. Again, please be sure to make those arrangements prior to your move date as coverage may not be available at that time.

# Of BedroomsSq FtAvg WeightMinimum ValueCost for RCP
One Bedroom700 sq ft3,850 lbs.$23,100$196.35
Two Bedrooms1100 sq ft6,050 lbs.$36,300$308.55
Three Bedrooms1800 sq ft9,900 lbs.$59,400$504.90
Four Bedrooms2400 sq ft13,200 lbs.$79,200$673.20