How To Pack A Wardrobe Box

When you move with Bridgetown, there’s no need to pack away the clothes and shoes you think you might be wearing later that week. We offer every customer five complimentary wardrobe boxes to use during their move.

Many people only think to place some of the clothes they have hanging in their closets into the wardrobe boxes. However, there is actually a lot more that you can use them for. The boxes are large so there is room to place a couple pairs of shoes on the bottom. You can then fold pants, t-shirts, sheets, towels, or other similar items and place them on top. The hanging rack can then be placed in last for items you wouldn’t want to fold.

There’s no need to worry if you find that you have forgotten to properly secure small table lamps before moving day. Our versatile wardrobe boxes can be used to transport small items like that as well. Wrap the lamp in blankets and place it on the bottom of the wardrobe box. Limit yourself to one fragile item per wardrobe box and make sure to let the movers know to be careful with those boxes if you do so.