How To Safely Pack A Computer for Moving

Whether you’re moving to a new home or office it’s important to  use the right materials and  to take the extra time to pack fragile items properly. If you are packing your computer yourself, please follow our professional packing tips to help protect it from damage.

Use a strong double corrugated box (dish packs work great)

Keep the computer safe by padding the bottom of the box with packing paper

Wrap the computer snugly with bubble wrap and tape

Make sure that there is no empty space or room for the computer to move during transportation by using packing paper or other padding

If you feel any shifting when picking up the box, the computer is not sufficiently padded

Double tape the bottom and top of the box

Make sure to mark the box as “Fragile”

Pack the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories  separately in well padded boxes

If you were not the one who assembled  your electronics or if you no longer have the instructions for proper setup, it is a good idea to snap photos of the back of your electronics before you unplug them and pack them away.  This way, you will know exactly where each cord goes when you begin your unpacking process. Make sure the cords are organized neatly in a small separate box to avoid a tangled mess.

Always backup your data and files before a move to avoid the risk of losing everything if damage occurs. Many people prefer to move their computers or other similar items in their personal vehicle. If you decide to do so, our movers will gladly carry heavy boxes with fragile items down the stairs for you and into your own car so that you do not have to.

Still nervous about it? Don’t have the right supplies? Or the time to do it right? Contact us and we’ll pack your computer(s) for you!