Bridgetown’s Local Business Highlight Veda Collective

Portland Local Business

We took a little break last week from our Local Highlight of the Week postings but we are back! This week’s Bridgetown’s Local Business Highlight Veda Collective

This week, Bridgetown is excited to share with everyone the Veda Collective. The Veda Collective is located in the quiet and ever growing NW neighborhood off of 18th and Flanders. They are massage therapists practicing out of a beautiful home helping people heal both physically and mentally. Founded by Abby Buchanan, Veda Collective offers a wide variety of services from Swedish deep tissue massages to sound therapy. Their staff is friendly and always works to accommodate your unique and individual needs. Although there are many gifted massage therapists, what sets the Veda Collective apart from the rest is the level of care and compassion they have for people. Veda practitioners not only work to help heal and rehabilitate the body physically, but through their practice they somehow manage to reach the mind and spirit of anyone who walks through their door. They are both knowledgeable and affordable, how could we not be excited to have them as our Local Highlight?!

Don’t just take our word for it! Visit their website to learn more about their services and get to know their practitioners HERE

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